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Thorim Stonebeard by knightorder
Thorim Stonebeard
One of the original five adventurers who set out from Restov, the dwarf Stonelord Paladin Thorim Stonebeard is an exile from his homeland of Glimmerhold, betrayed by his ambitious but cowardly brother Ezelgar and accused of the murder of his mother. In the Stolen Lands, Thorim sought to gain strength both in terms of personal fighting prowess and militarily, so that he might one day reclaim his throne. The first into battle and the last to leave, Thorim was a rock on which foes would break. He's depicted here with armour he forged himself, inlaid with gold from his homeland, and a mighty +2 fey bane longsword found in an ancient crypt.

Thorim ruled briefly as co-Baron of Greensward, along with his fellow worshipper of Torag Erefrost Silverfield; however, he met his end covering the party's retreat from a gang of 5 trolls. Though the party slew two of them, Thorim was torn apart. The party then fought a series of cat-and-mouse skirmishes with the remaining three, eventually cornering them at Crooked Falls and avenging their comrade.
Kingmaker 2: Yenko Lynchfoe by knightorder
Kingmaker 2: Yenko Lynchfoe
One of the original five adventurers who set out from Restov, Yenko the Ranger was also the first to fall. Seeking to avenge his brother's death at the hands of a violent bandit named Kressel - which he successfully did - Yenko was slain defending Athena and Tesfai from a starving grizzly bear. Yenko thus is the only character never to have seen the formation of Greensward in the Stolen Lands.
Kingmaker 2: Tesfai of Whitemist by knightorder
Kingmaker 2: Tesfai of Whitemist
The other survivor of that band of five that set out from Restov over a year ago, Tesfai of Whitemist is the Viscountess of Greensward. An Oracle of Life 6, she is devoted to Sarenrae, the goddess of the sun, and rules Greensward with a quiet confidence. When not adventuring or wearing the crown, she runs a small infirmary.

In battle, she tends to hang back, supporting her allies with bursts of channeled energy and spells. It's a rare event when she uses a weapon and, sadly, a much rarer event when she actually hits. Nonetheless, there would be many more deaths without her abilities.
Kingmaker 2: Athena Ravenwater by knightorder
Kingmaker 2: Athena Ravenwater
One of the only two original party members who has yet to meet their end, Athena Opparal Ravenwater is the party's sorcerer. A tall half-elf woman, the power of a blue dragon courses through her veins, giving her powers over electricity magic. At level six, she is rarely seen without Mage Armour active, but she still wears her lamellar cuirass from her younger days, partially as a way of disguising her arcane nature until battle is joined.

Athena serves as Magister of Greensward - essentially Tesfai's court mage, though she is nominally in charge of education as well. She has herself a small tower where she brews potions with the help of her two apprentices, Eustice and Sajantha. She rides Binky, Ulrik's old palfrey, after her own was killed when she blundered into a nest of shocker lizards.
Kingmaker 2: Ulrik van Woodstone by knightorder
Kingmaker 2: Ulrik van Woodstone
The younger brother of Arianna, Ulrik was the prodigal son of the family, rejecting his fate to serve Mendev's crusades against the Worldwound and embracing a life of hedonism and adventure. Eventually found in bed with the Lord Mayor of Restov's daughter, Ulrik - going under the alias Axel Haroun to avoid parties trying to haul him back - was sent with four other adventurers to explore the Stolen Lands. Though he was eventually forced to reveal his true identity when parties came to apprehend him, the letter of the law - and a conveniently timed charter to rule - saved him from being dragged home.

As Ulrik served the new realm as Spymaster, he shed his playboy lifestyle and matured into a man. He built a bar - both to help with his spymaster role but also to serve as a place of relaxation for Chyrrwild. He even found faith in Erastil, old Deadeye, the god of Hunting, Family, and Farming, much to the surprise of everyone. In battle he was quick and deadly, using his repeating crossbow and rapier to deadly effect.

Ulrik sadly met his end inside an ancient elven fortress. Isolated from his fellows, he was ambushed by a Quickling. Failing both saves against a poisoned blade, he fell unconscious and had his throat slit. At the time of his death, he was a NG Rogue 5.


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